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YouTube latest

Youtube Live streaming latest updates…

YouTube Live streaming has recently released its latest round of changes. As ever YouTube hope these will make the platform and its Live Streaming easier to use.

The biggest difference with this latest round of changes is reduced latency. What does this mean to you and your events?
Historically because the LIVE stream is delivered by a video content delivery network, it takes time to populate on servers globally. This has meant there will be a time delay of around 45 seconds before a viewer sees the event. Not a great problem to the remote audience, as they aren’t on site, so they wouldn’t be aware of this delay. May be its a sporting event though like the Cardiff Triathlon and may be this makes a difference.

This delay has now been reduced to two or three seconds. So how does it help?
The biggest difference will be to our clients using the chat facility on youtube as this will now be a lot quicker, enabling an almost real time q&a session using the youtube platform.

There is a downside though… you get nothing for free. If you use this facility you loose the option of having the live recording and playback function. This can be useful to viewers who arrive late to a broadcast as they can re-wind to the beginning and watch from there. Don’t worry the live feed is still recorded for post event upload and playback.

So open source platforms are changing. Watch this space to see what Facebook does next.

As ever if you want to know more just give us a call, we’ll happily try and decipher the geek speak for you.

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