Try something different...

Try something different...

Using video as a promotional tool has become the norm. I could quote endless facts, stats, opinions and data … but they’ve all been churned out before. The simple fact is, that we all know, it’s more engaging to use video than print and pictures.

In today’s game though it’s not only about having video online that counts, it’s about how you use it and how you’re going to interact with the audience. The BBC News at Six still retains an average audience of 3 million viewers according to BARB statistics, but in today’s online, connected world, those aren’t huge numbers. We see Youtube influencers attracting those figures daily, often for very narrow-interest subjects. Why? Younger generations of viewers know what they want to watch, and more importantly when they want to watch it. Perhaps one of the key features though, is the interaction the viewer can now have with the film or channel they are watching on. We regularly LIVE stream motor racing and triathlons from around the UK, and a variety of other concerts and events. These attract huge followings and chatter as the events unfold. With the motor racing we stream to 40 or 50 Facebook channels, and there are hundreds and thousands of comments, banter and chat as the racing unfolds through the day. People are engaged … and that is what we are trying to achieve.

The measure of a good TV programme, in my opinion, isn’t how good the acting may be, the production values are, or the story writing. It’s the headlines after, during and around the event. When the UK’s tabloids cover stories about a BBC One drama, ‘The Bodyguard’, they must be doing it right. Not only is everyone watching it, but more importantly they were all talking about it and reading about it.

So how do we replicate this?

The example I’ve put at the top is a fine one. The sponsor creates an event. They bring in social media influencers (follow what’s happening – ready made audience) create a bit of drama, and you’ve already forgotten you’re actually watching an advertorial. Then the clever bit kicks in … not only have we hit a few hundred thousand people watching online, but thousands of comments start rolling in. Sorted. One engaged, interacting audience.

So can it be replicated? Of course it can, you just have to think differently. Stop doing what you’ve always done, because you’ve always done it that way, and try going LIVE. Creating an engaged audience is a two-way thing; if you remain passive so will the audience.