LIVE – Flyaway Portable Production Units


Portable Production Units

To compliment our outside broadcast vehicles we have six fly-away portable production units. These allow us to cover multiple events from the same venue. This flexibility means we can cover multi-match sporting events, conference break-out sessions or individual mixes for different requirements. Not only can we vision mix these multiple events we have the technology and equipment to stream any event of any size, worldwide, to multiple outlets.

With clients like Hay and Cheltenham Literature festival we are able to broadcast from up to eight stages at a time. Utilising our portable Master Control room setups we can also run any camera from any venue to anywhere on-site, a truly flexible solution. Ask us for more details on this.

LIVE streaming conferences has helped us to increase audiences from around the world, lowering costs, and drastically lowering CO2 emissions. Combining LIVE technology with our own streaming platform also allows increasing interactivity, CPD training and online audience participation.

Bubble Production’s portable production units are designed and engineered in-house to provide a flexible and reliable solution. They have all of the capabilities that we can provide with our outside broadcast trucks, but in a smaller footprint.

Our Live Streaming platform uses a Video Content Delivery Network able to support 10,000s of viewers on watching on all devices (including iOS and Android). We can provide embedded players, with your branding, or host your event on our own portal. Alternatively we can develop a fully branded platform for your own organisation with chatrooms, powerpoint viewers, and secure log-on systems.

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