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Facebook Live & Social Media Streaming

Live streaming is a fabulous way to reach and interact with an online audience, drawing them in far more than traditional videos. Facebook Live videos get viewed for three times as long as a pre-recorded video, so what are you waiting for…

So how could you use Live streaming to reach your audience?

If you’re looking for a compelling way to build trust with your audience, a live video is a great place to start. You could simply offer a behind-the-scenes tour of your offices or production facilities. The use of industry influencers though can add an entirely new dimension. Invite an industry influencer to interview some of your staff in a live conversation with questions and comments from viewers, or to interact with the public during a product launch. Facebook Live can drive global exposure to your brand, reaching your target audience via Social Media streaming, and an already engaged audience. Traditional TV has seen radical changes over the years. Two of the biggest drivers to TV marketing were the remote control and the VCR.Today though an appointment to view means very little to an online audience. Viewers watch via tablets and smartphones, getting instant updates when their favourite interest goes LIVE.

So how do you engage with this audience?

You need a production company that has been streaming since the infancy of LIVE streaming.Production values are still important though and there is a time and a place for iPhone footage, and a limit to what you can achieve with them. Live streaming is evolving and sharing your brand, sport or event instantly engages with your following on a level previously out of reach to most organisations. Professional multi-camera production with broadcasting values ensures your customers get the experience and brand values you want and they deserve.

From a single-camera live interview into your next conference through to a multi-camera broadcast from any event, Bubble can help make your dream a reality. Most of our staff have over twenty five years experience in the broadcast TV sector so we ensure the highest production values are always met, every time.

To LIVE stream on social media, get in touch, or have a look at our live facilities


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