LED Giant screen displays

We can offer high impact Indoor and Outdoor LED Screens in partnership with some of the largest outdoor screen hire companies in Europe. All of our screens provide super clear images even under direct sunlight. We can also offer the very latest SMD mobile screens with the ability to rotate and provide images that animate from portrait to landscape.

Having the screen is only one part of the jigsaw. What will you put on it? How will you maximise the coverage?

Typical productions will involve a couple of operated cameras and a couple of fixed position ones. This combined with a vision director and a technical operator creates a team capable of covering most outdoor events. We have been known with our full orchestral coverage to deploy over thirty cameras, allowing us to take the audience into places they couldn’t normally get.

Specialist equipment

To complement our usual equipment we have developed some small transmission systems. These allow us to transmit images back to our mobile studios from remote locations. This has enabled us to cover events like triathlons, marathons and cycling events at a fraction of the traditional costs.

We have over 25 yrs experience in making TV programmes, why not use this experience to help bring your next event to life.

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