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New Balance launch Furon and Visaro football boots

Using video as a promotional tool has become the norm. I could quote endless facts, stats, opinions and data … but they’ve all been churned out before. The simple fact is, that we all know, it’s more engaging to use video than print and pictures.

In today’s game though it’s not only about having video online that counts, it’s about how you use it and how you’re going to interact with the audience. The BBC News at Six still retains an average audience of 3 million viewers according to BARB statistics, but in today’s online, connected world, those aren’t huge numbers. We see Youtube influencers attracting those figures daily, often for very narrow-interest subjects. Why? Younger generations of viewers know what they want to watch, and more importantly when they want to watch it. Perhaps one of the key features though, is the interaction the viewer can now have with the film or channel they are watching on. We regularly LIVE stream motor racing and triathlons from around the UK, and a variety of other concerts and events. These attract huge followings and chatter as the events unfold. With the motor racing we stream to 40 or 50 Facebook channels, and there are hundreds and thousands of comments, banter and chat as the racing unfolds through the day. People are engaged … and that is what we are trying to achieve.

The measure of a good TV programme, in my opinion, isn’t how good the acting may be, the production values are, or the story writing. It’s the headlines after, during and around the event. When the UK’s tabloids cover stories about a BBC One drama, ‘The Bodyguard’, they must be doing it right. Not only is everyone watching it, but more importantly they were all talking about it and reading about it.

So how do we replicate this?

The example I’ve put at the top is a fine one. The sponsor creates an event. They bring in social media influencers (follow what’s happening – ready made audience) create a bit of drama, and you’ve already forgotten you’re actually watching an advertorial. Then the clever bit kicks in … not only have we hit a few hundred thousand people watching online, but thousands of comments start rolling in. Sorted. One engaged, interacting audience.

So can it be replicated? Of course it can, you just have to think differently. Stop doing what you’ve always done, because you’ve always done it that way, and try going LIVE. Creating an engaged audience is a two-way thing; if you remain passive so will the audience.

Go Green…stream

Go your conference

LIVEstream_co2 report

Save Carbon, save money

Go green…stream, but perception is that this isn’t always the most cost effective option. Thinking and working cleverly though can combine the two and makes sense when it works. I want to share a recent example from a LIVE stream broadcast over two days for a client and share the CO2e report we compiled for them. It shows clearly the saving in carbon emissions over the two day event, by broadcasting over the web.
The overall savings were nearly 240 tCO2e, but the cash headline was in excess of £100K and yet we till achieved the same goal of delivering the conference to a global audience. How?

This is what we did to achieve this.

250 delegates were invited in person to a North European conference centre. All were flown in and accommodated for two nights. (average cost of £1500pp minimum) A further 78 watched live via our secure web platform (able to ask questions and participate in three languages) Net result of not flying the other 78 in from around the world was a CO2e saving of over 165tonnes on day one alone. This was a great result for sustainability with little impact on the viewers participation.

I am not advocating the downfall of the conference, far from it, simply working smarter and using technology to its full potential save countless hours of travel and the associated costs.

There are challenges to this and you need the right partners to maximise from the benefits, but we hold the solutions to these challenges. If you want to save money, save the planet and still make an impact perhaps now is the time to look at making real change. Ask yourself, Is now the time to think smarter and change how we work? If it is we would be happy to help and be a part of this change.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday …Bubble bargain

Bubble Production holding slide with logo and web address for LIVE streaming offer

Grab our LIVE streaming offer running from now until Christmas 2017.No matter when your event is in the next twelve months, book and pay now for our basic live streaming package and you will receive a 20% discount on our standard price.

Normal retail price is £1800+vat, the offer price is £1500+vat

What’s in the LIVE streaming offer package?

You will get full use, for the day, of one of our Outside Broadcast vehicles. You also get 3 cameras, a vision mixing director and one camera operator (2 crew) to run the facility. This can be at any UK mainland destination and can broadcast your event to screens or live to the web on either a private channel or social media.

What’s not in the LIVE streaming offer package?

If you need additional cameras,crew, early start for rigging or overnight expenses and travel these are extra. We do provide the first 150 miles of travel, however data costs for transmission or private hosting are extra. We will happily discuss all options with you prior to any bookings.

What could the LIVE streaming offer be used for?

Our customers have LIVE broadcast over the internet all kinds of events. From conferences, meetings or simple messages from the board to the staff, right through to international events we’ve been at them all. Our systems don’t rely on landline internet connections, so transmitting via satellite or bonded 4g we can go live from anywhere, transmitting to everywhere.

LIVE video is making is changing the way video is used online today. Facebook Live videos alone, get viewed for three times as long as a pre-recorded video. Take a look at our recent blog about LIVE video to find out more about this subject.

We will help you maximise the impact that your LIVE streaming could make to your event. With over twenty five years industry experience and the past decade specialising in LIVE streaming, we understand the needs you will have. Working closely with your social media team, we will help integrate the stream into your existing communications.

What if it’s a private event?

Not a problem, we have a platform with secure access allowing you to share private communications with your team or audience. For an extra cost we can create microsites, give you access to our own platform or give you embed codes to play the video LIVE through your own intranet system.

How do you book?

Simple, follow this link to our contacts page or call 01432 358555 now to speak to someone about your event


2017 the year of LIVE

live video of the field of cannons firing during the Battleproms

LIVE video in 2017

2017 has seen LIVE video become one of the biggest social media trends, changing the way people interact online.

Live streaming is a fabulous way to reach and interact with an online audience, proven to draw them in far more than traditional online videos. Videos on Facebook Live get viewed for three times as long as a pre-recorded video.

Twitter streamed more than 600 hours of live video in the fourth quarter of 2016. Of these hours, 10% were entertainment, while 38% concerned news and politics, and 52% involved sports.

So how could you use Live streaming to reach your audience?

If you’re looking for a compelling way to build trust with your audience, a live video is a great place to start. You could simply offer a behind-the-scenes tour of your offices or production facilities. The use of industry influencers though can add an entirely new dimension. Invite an industry influencer to interview some of your staff in a live conversation with questions and comments from viewers, or to interact with the public during a product launch.

Adding an influencer stream to your event offers engaged fans a fun new way to take part in the action from a remote location. It also builds awareness of the event among those who didn’t know about it. Live streams appear at the top of social media feeds, so users receive 200% more notifications for live streams than for other activity.

Live streaming in business

In the business sector live streaming can be used to simply unite an organisation. Reconnecting remote sites with head office, giving the opportunity for home working team members to discuss in conference the latest information from head office. Live doesn’t have to be one way, the use of private chat rooms and emailed questions allows staff the ability to interact throughout the broadcasts.

Want to know more?

We are always happy to give you a demonstration of our open and secure platforms,consult on how streaming can work best for your audience, so call us today.


2km of cable and a Big Bang

Will filming the Battleroms stage

2km of cable and 17 cameras to film The Battleproms

What a season, 5 shows, 10,000 spectators at each, over 2km of cable, 15 cameras, 2 robotic cameras, 25sq m screen, four crew and a musical director…The Battleproms, what a show.

Wow what a fabulous first season on this one. Every job throws up its technical challenges, this one was no exception mainly with  the distances, cable runs and in one case a lake in the way.

We love a challenge though. The Ragley Hall location had us taking 1.5 km of fibre through the lake to the other side. This gave us two fixed cameras to relay images of a field of 200 cannons back to the big screen. Thankfully we did have a boat…nobody was up for a swim (need to find a tougher crew!)

The orchestra provided a different set of challenges. We wanted to give the audience a view they’d never experienced before. Up close and personal. By setting HD mini-cams amongst the music stands we were able to achieve this. It has the advantage of keeping camera operators off the stage a little more too. No matter where you put cameras though, understanding what you are filming is key to the success. We have a musical director, Cayenna, for all of our musical LIVE broadcasts. Cayenna’s role is to read the music score, guiding our vision director to give us the key shots as the musicians play. The audience get a first class production, seeing the lead musicians as they hear them, hitting the note with the visuals every time, rather than a reactive production.

Minimising our crew levels has always been a priority for us. There is the benefit to the client in cost, and also our own impact on the environment, something we promote as a Social Enterprise built around these goals. What this does however mean is a busy time for the two camera crew on this job. Each operator had multiple camera positions throughout the 7 hour shows. We had deployed additional cable runs into position, allowing them to move cameras and tripods throughout the show, as the action dictated the changes.

Bang… the evening gun salute. It catches the best of cameramen each time. The 18 pound First World War Gun really packs a loud punch. Take a look with this short clip.

John and his team of gunners have been really helpful over this season, advising on shot locations and camera positioning. Having this relationship has helped to keep our crew safe whilst delivering some new angles, getting better shots than previously experienced at these events.



October offer

Live Webcasting Offer for October

Conference time is looming, Christmas is coming, or may be you simply need to brief your staff. So why don’t you make use of our live streaming offer. We have it all covered and can get your crucial messages to anywhere around the globe via the web. If you can’t get there, then say it personally with you very own webinar.

We provide everything you will need for your event broadcast. This package includes one of our outside broadcast trucks for one day. It comes with three crew members, a vision mixing director, a cameraman and a technical engineer.  Included are three cameras, two fixed and one will be manned, together with all the other bits of equipment.

We will broadcast your event via social media or a private link for up to four hours in any one day. All you have to do is order and pay for the package in October 2017.

This normally retails for £1800 +VAT. We are discounting it to £1500 +VAT to celebrate the launch of our new website features.

The small print: This offer is based on a UK transmission point and includes 150 miles of travel from our Midlands base.  Call times prior to 0900 and more than 2 hrs from this point will be charged an overnight fee for the crew members prior to transmission. Cost is for a 10hr period and excludes the following: data costs and additional extras, micro sites, pre-event filming, post production or presenters.

Call us for more information or drop us an email

James & The Giant Peach

Giant Peach rolling down the streets of Cardiff

Giant Screen broadcasts for The City of the Unexpected.

What a challenge for us at Bubble, 6 giant screens around the city, a moving procession vision mixed on the move LIVE with three cameras. Two jib cranes, another 6 static cameras, three OB trucks, three dozen crew and who knows how many miles of fibre, HD-Sdi cable, oh, and throw in a couple of Satellite links for good measure.

The event,

staged by The National Theatre of Wales was of epic proportions. The challenges for us lay in relaying coverage of the street procession back to the main outside broadcast unit. From here the images were relayed back to giant screens around the castle and across Cardiff city centre. The remote screens were all receiving the images from our server, fed by hard wired internet connections. That bit was simple. The biggest challenge was going to be the moving procession. For this we came up with a fairly simple solution.

Enter stage left ‘The BEAST’…

From the back of our buggy we were able to hard-wire one camera, a further two then had short distance radio camera links, allowing them a solid 600m range in normal conditions. Consequently with a crowd estimated by Police that day in excess of 35,000 outside the castle alone, the RF interference was huge. The normal range of our radio links cameras was reduced on the day  to around 30m because of this interfereance. The next problem was with the vision mixer on-board the buggy.

We had to transmit those images back up to the castle. The only cost effective way was going to be bonded 4g. Enter problem number 2… With the huge crowds and just about everyone having a phonein their pocket, was it going to work? Due to some clever bits and bobs of kit, our IP and a lot of research we found a work-around. Yes the picture blipped a few times but these were momentary flash frames, no worse than any other major event. We did see off the competition though, as we were aware that some of the major broadcasters were having problem with their bonded LIVE systems.

The overall results were great and a stage of epic proportions… can it be repeated?

Depends on the project that you have in mind. Give us a call


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