Go Green...stream

Go Green...stream

LIVEstream_co2 report

Save Carbon, save money

Go green…stream, but perception is that this isn’t always the most cost effective option. Thinking and working cleverly though can combine the two and makes sense when it works. I want to share a recent example from a LIVE stream broadcast over two days for a client and share the CO2e report we compiled for them. It shows clearly the saving in carbon emissions over the two day event, by broadcasting over the web.
The overall savings were nearly 240 tCO2e, but the cash headline was in excess of £100K and yet we till achieved the same goal of delivering the conference to a global audience. How?

This is what we did to achieve this.

250 delegates were invited in person to a North European conference centre. All were flown in and accommodated for two nights. (average cost of £1500pp minimum) A further 78 watched live via our secure web platform (able to ask questions and participate in three languages) Net result of not flying the other 78 in from around the world was a CO2e saving of over 165tonnes on day one alone. This was a great result for sustainability with little impact on the viewers participation.

I am not advocating the downfall of the conference, far from it, simply working smarter and using technology to its full potential save countless hours of travel and the associated costs.

There are challenges to this and you need the right partners to maximise from the benefits, but we hold the solutions to these challenges. If you want to save money, save the planet and still make an impact perhaps now is the time to look at making real change. Ask yourself, Is now the time to think smarter and change how we work? If it is we would be happy to help and be a part of this change.