As a Facebook LIVE Provider

we understand the engagement and interaction that can be had from live broadcasting on the platform.

Live content is watched 3 times longer and receives ten times the amount of comments than regular Facebook videos’  – Mark Zuckerburg – Facebook Founder

Broadcasts like this one for New Balance attracted over 85,000 viewers. Others like our broadcasts of the AX Arenacross from Goodwood Festival of Speed expanded the local audience by unprecedented amounts. This doesn’t stop with the live broadcast though. Once viewers are engaged and on your channel, they stop longer, are more likely to purchase and are influenced more for the future.

So how can you benefit?

We provide affordable broadcast crews & equipment for you to stream to social media. We can stream to your Facebook, Twitter or Periscope accounts, or all of them simultaneously. You don’t even need an internet connection. We have that side of things covered. We either use bonded 4G solutions or via our KA Satellite systems. This really can be from anywhere to everywhere.

Call us to find out more information and start to reach a new audience globally.

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