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LIVE streaming from anywhere to everywhere

We’ve been LIVE streaming to web since 2005, enabling our clients to share their events to global audiences. We can provide you with a secure, interactive platform, enabling you to deliver CPD and corporate messages. Alternatively you may simply want to share things with the world through social media.

LIVE streaming Event TV, bringing your events to life

Delivering up to the minute experiences for your attendees by creating a live content channel online and at the venue. We help create a buzz and by interacting with social media channels we enhance your visitor engagement and reach a much wider audience.

Virtual and hybrid events

With the pandemic changing the way we do business forever, we now help our clients create a hybrid offering for their event audiences. With multiple participants taking part both remotely and on-site we have developed robust systems to ensure your event can still take place.


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Video production and event TV, creating a new experience

Having produced news around the globe, on seven continents our crews work well under pressure, whilst never missing a deadline. We bring this experience not only to our event coverage, but our video production work too. From an internal communications project, through to experiential days, we have a wealth of knowledge we bring to your organisation. Perhaps it’s a simple vox-pop, or a  large corporate production you need, we have seen styles come and go over the past 25 years we have been working in the business. One thing remains the same though, content is king, no matter how its wrapped, or delivered, if you don’t get your message across clearly the audience doesn’t listen.

Event TV

Coming from a news and current affairs background we can create stunning event television shows. Creating live content both online and at the venue, we can deliver up to the minute experiences for your attendees and wider audiences alike. We help create a buzz by interacting with social media channels like twitter which enhance your visitor engagement and reach a much wider audience.

So, do you need a video pitch, a message to the board or simply a record of what’s been done? These are all great ways to engage your audience whilst using the power of video.

Take a look at some of our samples of previous projects on our Recent Work page, and then drop us a line, we’d love to hear what you’re up to.

If you want to know more about our live streaming theres more information on our other site imediasee.co.uk


LIVE streaming events from anywhere to everywhere

We have been LIVE streaming events since 2005, enabling our clients to share their events to global audiences. From concerts to conferences, major events to product launches, we stream them all. With secure, interactive platforms we have been helping businesses for over twenty five years  providing production and live broadcast facilities. These systems enable clients to deliver CPD and corporate messages, or simply share their message with the world.

Owning two Outside Broadcast units and a further six portable production units and over 30 cameras we are able to respond quickly to customer needs. With the latest technology we are able to cover multiple live events from different or the same locations. We regularly live stream conferences with both the main session and breakout areas being covered by multiple cameras. It is not uncommon for us to deploy six live vision mixers with three or four cameras for each session.

Previous projects

With plenty of new projects we have had a busy time recently .  New Balance had us helping them with the launch of new product lines, and football shirts at major premiership football clubs.

The Battleproms series , with classical music, cannons and fireworks from fine Country Houses throughout the summer.

Goodwood Festival of Speed, providing daily shows from the GAS arena for the Arenacross team.

The European Taekwondo championships saw us reach a global audience of over 250,000 as we LIVE streamed six rings over four days of competition.

Take a look at our recent work page to keep updated on what we’ve been doing.


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